3W LED Bulb

Code: AR-LB-1001

The 3W LED Bulb saves 85% energy and provides light distribution in all directions, through its innovatively designed optics.


  1. 1.Industry best light output
  2. 2.Wide beam angle > 200°
  3. 3.Soft and Glare free light
  4. 4.Wide voltage range (160-270VAC)
  5. 5.Light weight & decorative look fits in CFL sockets


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Pooja Room


Code AR-LB-1001A AR-LB-1001B
Wattage 3 3
Colour Temp. (K) 6500 2700
Lumens (lm) 300 255
Voltage (VAC) 240 240
Beam Angle 240° 240°
Base Cap B22 B22

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